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Top 5 Moments from Trax Disruptors Series Event 2023

Trax welcomed over 100 industry leaders and founders from the fastest growing emerging brands to our inaugural Disruptors Series event at the historic New York Stock Exchange on January 18.

The day-long event had the room buzzing with energy as we learned, engaged and garnered inspiration from dynamic leaders and industry legends, participated in sessions on hot-button topics and even experienced a sneak peek into what Trax has in store for the future.

Here are the top five moments from the event: 

1. Craig Dubitsky Kicked Off the Event… and Chugged Toothpaste

Industry expert Craig Dubitsky, who also founded hello, co-founded eos and was a founding advisor for Method, kicked off the event with his energetic personality and dynamic storytelling, walking attendees through how the brands he started were from ideas to solve gaps in the market, and grew to be brands that delight and are recognized around the world. He even underscored the importance of taste of hello products by chugging hello’s toothpaste live – what a way to start the day!  

2. Trax Took Over the Historic New York Stock Exchange

Trax CEO, Justin Behar, sat down with Judy Khan Shaw from New York Stock Exchange’s Floor Talk to discuss all things Trax and Disruptors Series. Not only did Trax’s logo appear in the background, but it took over every screen on the floor. Talk about a pinch us moment! 

3. Trax Unveils “Trax Smart Action”

Trax unveiled its newest solution, Trax Smart Action, a data-powered merchandising solution providing fast-growing and emerging brands with proactively collected in-store data. This comprehensive data set will provide a new level of retail visibility and will allow high growth brands to better understand current shelf and market conditions, like out of stocks, competitive insights and general trends of the category as a whole, which will allow brands to efficiently grow sales. This solution combines Trax’s renowned computer vision capabilities to collect accurate shelf data with Trax’s flexible merchandising teams to find shelf execution issues and fix them when, and where, needed. 

Vice President, Emerging Brands, George Tzafis, nicely explained one of the key benefits during the Smart Action presentation – “imagine knowing the stores that need fixing without having to audit them yourself.” 

4. Heard From Over 15 Industry Leaders and Experts

The day-long schedule was packed with impactful presentations and sessions, which the majority of the audience described in one-word as ‘insightful’ (more on that in our tiny mic interviews that we’ll be launching soon). In addition to Craig Dubitsky, attendees heard from brand leaders and founders from Once Upon a Farm, EBOOST, MISSION, Pitaya Foods, Pop & Bottle, Sanzo, RIND Sancks, Proper Good, MingsBings and Anomaly, learning about everything from the importance of growing slowly to which brand sectors are most scalable during the current economy, the myths of retail, and how to stand out in a crowded market.  

To top it all the brands on stage were keen to demonstrate Trax’s role in their brand growth. Matt Spolar, COO at EBOOST, exclaimed to all from the stage, “Without Trax, my business wouldn’t be where it is today!”   

5. Experienced the Iconic Opening Bell

What makes an event at the New York Stock Exchange even better? Experiencing the iconic ringing of the opening bell – did we already say this event was a pinch me moment? A first and once-in-a-lifetime moment for many, attendees got to experience the opening bell live from the Floor of the New York Stock Exchange. Talk about a moment to not only experience a something that we’ve seen on TV and social media (p.s. the NYSE is no longer opened to the public), but also a chance to be surrounded by link-minded leaders in the industry to take it in together.   

Visit our digital event hub for more can’t miss moments from the Disruptors Series, including the event highlight reel and complete recordings of each speaker session, and keep an eye out for the next Disruptors Series event… because we promise, this isn’t something you’ll want to miss (again)!