Seizing opportunities means
doing things differently
Seizing opportunities means
doing things differently
Seizing opportunities means
doing things differently
Our mission is to help you act, react, and grow at pace

We know how tough it is to get on the shelf, and keeping that momentum is an incredibly challenging thing. At Trax, we’re here to help fast-growing brands like YOU seize every opportunity with actionable shelf data, on-demand merchandisers and full-funnel shopper engagement.

Local hero goes national

Trax helped us identify gaps in-store quicker and fix inventory issues. They are an invaluable extension of our retail sales team.

Paul Voge, Aura Bora Founder

Since its founding in 2019, Aura Bora has disrupted the conventional sparkling water category by combining complex flavors from herbs, fruits and flowers with a planet-forward mission. 

Watch the video to hear from CEO and co-founder Paul Voge about Aura Bora’s journey—from his garage to more than 2,500 stores across the country—and the lessons he learned along the way. 

Get in-store execution right

Do the right work, at the right store, at the right time

  • Bring your mission to life with the power of Trax’s Flexforce.
  • Get cost-effective merchandising based on what’s actually happening on the shelf.
  • Activate the stores that matter most to your sales story and revenue growth.

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Get eyes on the shelf

Get a pulse on your real-time store conditions
for critical decisions at speed and scale

  • Make sure your products are on shelf
  • Uncover out-of-stock issues
  • Monitor performance at brand and category level
  • Identify which promotions have the highest ROI

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Boost shopper engagement

Full-funnel engagement (and rewards!)

  • With our Shopkick app, reach new shoppers at home and build product awareness before they go to the store
  • Use rewards-based incentives to guide them to your product at shelf (and away from competing brands!)
  • Only pay for verified engagement, so you’ll know how much ROI you get before the campaign even starts

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Need to know your retail jargon?

Mystery Shopping? Phantom Inventory? Sidekick? Are you trying to get your products on shelves or starring in a psychological thriller? If dealing with confounding merchandising terminology has you scratching your head, you’ve come to the right place. Our handy glossary de-mystifies the most common merchandising jargon so you can take the suspense off the shelf!

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